Laboratory Test Information Guide

Details for Abdominal Fat Pad FNAB for Amyloid Detection

Test Name: Abdominal Fat Pad FNAB for Amyloid Detection
Alternate Name(s): Fat Pad for Amyloid
Laboratory: Cytopathology-UH
Specimen Type: Fine Needle Aspiration
Collection Information: 1. Clean skin with alcohol wipe.

2. Keep abdominal wall skin tight with two fingers of one hand.
Stay away from rectus sheath insertions and umbilicus.
Do not perform aspirate if ascites +/or thin patient.

3. With other hand, insert needle into subcutaneous tissue, pull plunger of syringe
back to get vacuum effect, and make excursions back and forth in one plane, for
about 10 seconds, or until blood is seen at needle hub.

4. Release plunger of syringe, and pull needle out of tissue.

5. Apply gauze with pressure at puncture site.

6. Place small amount of aspirate in centre of slide nearer frosted end.

7. With second slide, lay frosted side flat at 90 and smear material along slide length.

8. Allow slides to air dry completely; then place in cardboard folder for transport.

9. Repeat biopsy and prepare slides two more times.

10. Place eorder or fill in requisition with patient identifiers and clinical history. Please indicate that biopsy was done for amyloid.

11. Send labelled slides to Cytology Lab at University Hospital Campus.
Test Schedule: Performed as required
Turnaround time from when specimen
is received in testing laboratory:
7 days
1 day
Reference Range: See report
Effective Date: 2017-06-28
Revised Date:  
Critical Value:  
Interpretive Comments:  
Special Processing:  
Comments: Any questions:
Please call the Cytopathology Laboratory at LHSC - University Campus during regular working hours (0830-1630) Ext. 35056.
Method of Analysis:  
Critical Information Required:  Please indicate that biopsy was done for amyloid.
Storage & Shipment: Specimen slides/container must be labelled with patient identification, specimen type previous to transport. Transport all specimens in a biohazard transport bag with the specimen in the ziploc area separating the eorder/ requisition in the side pocket.
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