Laboratory Test Information Guide

Details for Anti-IgLON5 Antibody, Serum/CSF

Test Name: Anti-IgLON5 Antibody, Serum/CSF
Alternate Name(s):  
Laboratory: Clinical Immunology
Specimen Type: Adult:
5 mL Gold or 6 mL Red top Vacutainer tube

EDTA, heparin or citrated plasma are also acceptable.

0-2 years: 0.5 mL Red Microtainer
2-10 years: 2 mL Red top Vacutainer tube

CSF: Suggest CSF be submitted with serum for testing.
Collection Information: Minimum volume required for testing is 0.5 mL
Test Schedule: Batch analysis
Turnaround time from when specimen
is received in testing laboratory:
15 days
Reference Range: Negative
Effective Date: 2019-02-26
Revised Date: 2020-10-01
Critical Value:  
Interpretive Comments: Associated disease: parasomnia, tauopathy
Special Processing:  
Comments: This test is available to neurologists at LHSC/SJHC and accepted from referred in locations.
A single autoantibody test is not diagnostic and should not be used to determine course of treatment.
The test result must be evaluated with consideration of clinical presentation, patient history and other laboratory tests.
Method of Analysis: Cell-based assay (CBA)
Critical Information Required: Each sample must be submitted with a clinical questionnaire completed by the treating physician, which should take no more than 10-15 minutes to complete.

Clinical Questionnaire
Dr. Adrian Budhram will review the provided clinical information for every positive neural antibody result, and contact the ordering physician to promptly review the result and aid in clinical-serological correlation.
Storage & Shipment: Sample can be stored for up to 14 days at 4oC. For longer storage, store at -20oC.
Send samples together with a completely filled out questionnaire.
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