Laboratory Test Information Guide

Details for Bordetella pertussis Investigation (PertPCR)

Test Name: Bordetella pertussis Investigation (PertPCR)
Alternate Name(s): Whooping Cough
Laboratory: Virology Laboratory
Specimen Type: Nasopharyngeal aspirates (2-3 mL) or Nasopharyngeal swabs

Collect during the early phase of the disease and prior to antimicrobial therapy.
Collection Information: If collection of nasopharyngeal aspirate is not possible, collect sample using Swab and Viral Transport Media (HMMS Item # 36981).

1. Wash hands. Put on gloves, mask and eye protection.
2. Press the swab tip on the mucosal surface of the mid-inferior turbinate.
3. Rub swab back and forth about 5 times.
4. Leave the swab in place for a few seconds to absorb cells.
5. Withdraw swab and insert into medium, break swab at scored line.
6. Close vial tightly.
7. Label the vial with patient identification and
place labelled specimen in plastic transport bag.
8. Remove personal protective equipment and wash hands.
9. Arrange for rapid transportation to the Virology Lab.

Aspirated samples should be collected in sterile container and transported STAT.
Test Schedule: Samples are tested once a week on Wednesday.
STAT requests must be approved by a Medical Microbiologist.
Turnaround time from when specimen
is received in testing laboratory:
7 days
24 hours
Reference Range: See report
Effective Date: 2006-07-01
Revised Date: 2015-07-10
Critical Value:  
Interpretive Comments: A repeat sample is recommended if results are indeterminate.
Special Processing:  
Method of Analysis: PCR (polymerase chain reaction)
Critical Information Required:  
Storage & Shipment: Specimen must be received within 24 hours of collection. If the transport time exceeds 24 hours, the specimen will only be tested if appropriate.
System Codes: 
Referred To:  

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