Laboratory Test Information Guide

Details for Chromosome Analysis, Lymph Node/Tumor

Test Name: Chromosome Analysis, Lymph Node/Tumor
Alternate Name(s): Chromosomes
Laboratory: Cytogenetics (VH)
Specimen Type: 2-3 mm2 Lymph Node or Tumor Biopsy in RPMI (see Collection Information and Comments)
Collection Information: Aseptically excise a small piece of lymph node or tumor 2-3 mm2 and place it in a sterile vessel containing sterile RPMI media (or less preferably, sterile saline if RPMI is not available). The specimen should be sent to the lab immediately. If unable to transport immediately, store at 4oC and transport at room temperature (15-25oC) within 24 hours.

Note: All specimens should contain at least two patient identifiers.
Requisition: CYTOGENETICS REQUISITION must include patient's name, address, Ontario Health Insurance Number, PIN (if applicable), originating location, Dr's full name and address, test requested, specimen type and pertinent clinical information.
Test Schedule: As required
Turnaround time from when specimen
is received in testing laboratory:
2-3 weeks after receipt from Pathology.
Reference Range: See final report
Effective Date:  
Revised Date: 2011-05-11
Critical Value: See final report
Interpretive Comments:  
Special Processing: Collect sample as aseptically as possible and send to the laboratory within 24 hours. Karyotyping and full analysis is only performed upon receipt of an order from a clinical Pathology laboratory.
Comments: Solution for Specimen Collection:

Contact the Cytogenetics Laboratory in advance for sterile aliquots of RPMI media for lymphomas/tumors for collection. This media may be frozen, and thawed at room temperature (15-25C) as needed. Media must be used by the expiry date written on the tube.
The Cytogenetics Lab is staffed from 0700-1700 (Monday-Friday), Ext. 78974 (office), or 75714 (lab).

For additional information please refer to the Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory.
Method of Analysis: Cell culture, Chromosome Karyotyping
Critical Information Required: Appropriate analysis requires all relevant and pertinent clinical information. Receive in laboratory within 24 hours of collection.
Storage & Shipment: Specimens should be shipped same day and be stored at 15-25C during transit. If unable to transport immediately, store at 4oC and transport at room temperature (15-25oC) within 24 hours.
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