Laboratory Test Information Guide

Details for Electron Microscopy - Tissue, Bone Marrow, Blood

Test Name: Electron Microscopy - Tissue, Bone Marrow, Blood
Alternate Name(s):  
Laboratory: Pathology
Specimen Type: Tissue/Blood & Bone Marrow
Collection Information: 1) Tissue: Submit 1-3 mm of tissue in a 2 mL vial of 2% glutaraldehyde, labeled with green label

2) Blood & Bone Marrow: Collect in green top tube (sodium heparin)

Keep at room temp and do not refrigerate or place on ice.
Tissue: In general EM is added to the order for a tissue specimen. E-order choosing appropriate specimen.
Blood, bone marrow: E order choosing “EM, Blood Only”.
See Identification of Clinical Specimens
Test Schedule: As required
Turnaround time from when specimen
is received in testing laboratory:
7-14 days
Reference Range: N/A
Effective Date:  
Revised Date: 2018-03-26
Critical Value:  
Interpretive Comments: See report
Special Processing: See above
Comments: Please call Electron Microscopy at ext. 78977 for any questions regarding this test.
Method of Analysis: Electron Microscopy
Critical Information Required: Clinical history is crucial to an accurate diagnosis.
Storage & Shipment: Room temperature - do not refrigerate. Call ext. 78977 before shipping.
System Codes: 
Surgical Pathology Request
Referred To:  

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