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Details for Immunofixation Electrophoresis, Urine: Random or 24-Hour Urine

Test Name: Immunofixation Electrophoresis, Urine: Random or 24-Hour Urine
Alternate Name(s): IFE
Light Chains
Bence Jones Protein
Laboratory: Clinical Immunology
Specimen Type: 24-hour urine or random urine
A 24-hour urine collection is the preferred specimen for analysis of Bence Jones protein (free light chains). If a 24-hour urine is not available, the first voided morning specimen is recommended.
Collection Information: Collection of 24-Hour Urine Sample

For 24-hour urine:
Collect urine over a 24-hour period in a sterile container with no preservative.

The minimum volume of urine required is 50 mL.

Please complete the laboratory label attached to the collection bottle to include patient’s name, collection start time and date and collection end time and date.
Test Schedule: Monday - Friday
Turnaround time from when specimen
is received in testing laboratory:
10 days
Reference Range: Interpretative analysis
Effective Date: 2009-08-19
Revised Date: 2019-02-21
Critical Value:  
Interpretive Comments:  
Special Processing:  
Comments: Protein electrophoresis (PEL) is always performed first (unless the total protein concentration in the urine sample is < 0.06 g/L, in which case IFE will be performed directly). The PEL result will determine if IFE is performed. IFE is performed when an abnormal globulin band is detected on PEL that has not been identified previously by IFE. If the band has been identified previously by IFE and the PEL pattern has not changed significantly, the IFE will not be repeated for ≥ 4 years.

IFE uses specific antisera to identify monoclonal immunoglobulins.
Method of Analysis: Sebia immunofixation electrophoresis
Critical Information Required:  
Storage & Shipment: For short transit times (< 2 hours), ship at ambient temperature.
For transit times > 2 hours, ship with ice packs.
Store at 2 – 8 °C.
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