Laboratory Test Information Guide

Details for Lymphocyte Subset Enumeration

Test Name: Lymphocyte Subset Enumeration
Alternate Name(s):  
Laboratory: Flow Cytometry (VH)
Specimen Type: Peripheral blood collected in 4 mL K2 or K3 EDTA Lavender top Vacutainer tube.
Collection Information: Minimum volume required is 0.5 mL.
Requisition: Referred-In Samples: FLOW CYTOMETRY REQUISITION
Test Schedule: Monday-Friday

Fridays or prior to STAT holidays, routine specimens must be received in the Flow Cytometry Laboratory at Victoria Hospital by 1300.
Turnaround time from when specimen
is received in testing laboratory:
48 hours
Reference Range: 
CD19%CD19 Absolute x 109/L
Start AgeEnd AgeRef LowRef HighStart AgeEnd AgeRef LowRef High
0 Mins3 Months6320 Mins3 Months0.302.00
3 Months6 Months11413 Months6 Months0.433.00
6 Months1.00 YEARS14376 Months1.00 YEARS0.612.60
1.00 YEARS2.00 YEARS16351.00 YEARS2.00 YEARS0.722.60
2.00 YEARS6.00 YEARS14332.00 YEARS6.00 YEARS0.391.40
6.00 YEARS12.00 YEARS13276.00 YEARS12.00 YEARS0.270.86
12.00 YEARS18.00 YEARS62312.00 YEARS18.00 YEARS0.110.57
18.00 YEARS124.00 YEARS32118.00 YEARS124.00 YEARS0.090.47

CD3%CD3 Absolute x 109/L
Start AgeEnd AgeRef LowRef HighStart AgeEnd AgeRef LowRef High
0 Mins3 Months53840 Mins3 Months2.505.50
3 Months6 Months51773 Months6 Months2.505.60
6 Months1.00 YEARS49766 Months1.00 YEARS1.905.90
1.00 YEARS2.00 YEARS53751.00 YEARS2.00 YEARS2.106.20
2.00 YEARS6.00 YEARS56752.00 YEARS6.00 YEARS1.403.70
6.00 YEARS12.00 YEARS60766.00 YEARS12.00 YEARS1.202.60
12.00 YEARS18.00 YEARS568412.00 YEARS18.00 YEARS1.002.20
18.00 YEARS124.00 YEARS608618.00 YEARS124.00 YEARS0.802.56

CD3CD4%CD3CD4 Absolute x 109/L
Start AgeEnd AgeRef LowRef HighStart AgeEnd AgeRef LowRef High
0 Mins3 Months35640 Mins3 Months1.604.00
3 Months6 Months35563 Months6 Months1.804.00
6 Months1.00 YEARS31566 Months1.00 YEARS1.404.30
1.00 YEARS2.00 YEARS32511.00 YEARS2.00 YEARS1.303.40
2.00 YEARS6.00 YEARS28472.00 YEARS6.00 YEARS0.702.20
6.00 YEARS12.00 YEARS31476.00 YEARS12.00 YEARS0.651.50
12.00 YEARS18.00 YEARS315212.00 YEARS18.00 YEARS0.531.30
18.00 YEARS124.00 YEARS336418.00 YEARS124.00 YEARS0.501.63

CD3CD8%CD3CD8 Absolute x 109/L
Start AgeEnd AgeRef LowRef HighStart AgeEnd AgeRef LowRef High
0 Mins3 Months12280 Mins3 Months0.561.70
3 Months6 Months12233 Months6 Months0.591.60
6 Months1.00 YEARS12246 Months1.00 YEARS0.501.70
1.00 YEARS2.00 YEARS14301.00 YEARS2.00 YEARS0.622.00
2.00 YEARS6.00 YEARS16302.00 YEARS6.00 YEARS0.491.30
6.00 YEARS12.00 YEARS18356.00 YEARS12.00 YEARS0.371.10
12.00 YEARS18.00 YEARS183512.00 YEARS18.00 YEARS0.330.92
18.00 YEARS124.00 YEARS144118.00 YEARS124.00 YEARS0.250.95

CD16CD56POS,CD3NEG%CD16CD56POS, CD3NEG Absolute x 109/L
Start AgeEnd AgeRef LowRef HighStart AgeEnd AgeRef LowRef High
0 Mins3 Months4180 Mins3 Months0.171.10
3 Months6 Months3143 Months6 Months0.170.83
6 Months1.00 YEARS3156 Months1.00 YEARS0.160.95
1.00 YEARS2.00 YEARS3151.00 YEARS2.00 YEARS0.180.92
2.00 YEARS6.00 YEARS4172.00 YEARS
6.00 YEARS
6.00 YEARS12.00 YEARS4176.00 YEARS12.00 YEARS0.100.48
12.00 YEARS18.00 YEARS32212.00 YEARS18.00 YEARS0.070.48
18.00 YEARS124.00 YEARS52418.00 YEARS124.00 YEARS0.090.44

Shearer et al., Lymphocyte subsets in healthy children from birth to 18 years of age: The Pediatric AIDS Clinical Trials Group P1009 study, J Allergy Clin Immunol, November 2003
Effective Date: 2011-01-11
Revised Date: 2021-03-05
Critical Value:  
Interpretive Comments:  
Special Processing:  
Method of Analysis: A whole blood sample is incubated with fluorescent-tagged monoclonal antibodies specific for T and B Lymphocytes and Natural Killer cells.
Critical Information Required: HIV status is helpful to interpret results. If known, indicate 'HIV New Case' or 'HIV Follow-up'.

Indicate 'New Case' or 'Follow-up'.
Storage & Shipment: Specimens are to be shipped/transported within 1 hour of collection to the Flow Cytometry Laboratory at Victoria Hospital at room temperature.

Samples must be received and processed within 48 hours of collection by the Flow Cytometry Laboratory.

Once received by the Flow Cytometry Laboratory, samples are to be stored at room temperature.
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