Laboratory Test Information Guide

Details for Malaria Screen

Test Name: Malaria Screen
Alternate Name(s): Malaria Prep
Malarial Parasites
Laboratory: Core
Specimen Type: 4 mL K2 or K3 EDTA Lavender top Vacutainer tube

0-2 yrs: 0.5 mL Lavender pk.
2-10 yrs: 3 mL Lavender top
Collection Information: Minimum volume required is 1 mL.

Testing must be initiated within 1 hour of sample collection therefore the specimen must be sent to the Core Laboratory as soon as possible.

1. Include the following:
· Requisition with patient demographics (HCN included)
· Travel History
· CBC results
· Wright’s Giemsa (or equivalent) stained blood film
· 6 unstained “thick” films
· 6 unstained, methanol-fixed “thin” films
· The reported initial level of parasitemia and presumptive speciation
· If performed, the results of the rapid malaria screen
· A fax number to which the report can be sent

2. Send to:
Core Laboratory (VH)
Room D1-218
London Health Sciences Centre
800 Commissioners Rd, London, ON
N6A 5W9

3. Notify laboratory (519-685-8500 ext. 52544) prior to sending sample.
Test Schedule: As required
Turnaround time from when specimen
is received in testing laboratory:
2 hours
Reference Range: No malarial parasites seen on thick and thin films.
Effective Date: 2011-01-14
Revised Date: 2019-05-17
Critical Value: Positive (≥ 0.050 SI (5.0 %))
Interpretive Comments: Malarial parasites may be seen in the blood at certain stages of development. If positive, the level of parasitemia will be reported initially. Speciation by morphological examination is performed on Gurrs-Giemsa stained thick and thin films.
Special Processing: Thick and thin films must be prepared within 1 hour of sample collection.

Thin films are fixed in 100% methanol.
Comments: The screening panel consists of a rapid malaria screening test, examination of a routine blood film and reporting of parasitemia level.
Method of Analysis: Microscopy
Critical Information Required: Travel History
Patient Symptoms
Anti-Malarial medications taken
Storage & Shipment: Ship sample at room temperature ASAP to the Core Laboratory.
System Codes: 
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