Laboratory Test Information Guide

Details for Tissue / Fluid Investigation

Test Name: Tissue / Fluid Investigation
Alternate Name(s):  
Laboratory: Flow Cytometry (VH)
Specimen Type: Lymph Node Biopsy
Fine Needle Aspirate
Body Fluids
Collection Information: For referred in specimens, provide the ordering physician's name and fax/phone number, along with the patient's health card number and the referring centre.

Tissue/Fluid specimens should be sent to Victoria Hospital Core Lab immediately after collection as STAT specimens.

Lymph Node Biopsy6 mL Red top tube containing Medium 1992-8oC
Fine Needle Aspirate6 mL Red top tube containing Medium 1992-8oC
CSFCSF Collection tube containing Medium 1992-8oC
Body FluidsNone/EDTA2-8oC

Requisition: Referred-In Samples: FLOW CYTOMETRY REQUISITION
Test Schedule: Monday-Friday

Fridays or prior to STAT holidays, routine specimens must be received in the Flow Cytometry Laboratory at Victoria Hospital by 1300.

For after hours and weekend requests, page the Hematologist on-call at (519) 685-8500 x 14999.
Turnaround time from when specimen
is received in testing laboratory:
48 hours
Excluding weekends and holidays
If indicated, verbal preliminary result
Reference Range:  
Effective Date: 2014-04-21
Revised Date: 2021-03-05
Critical Value:  
Interpretive Comments: See report for Interpretation.
Special Processing: All Tissues/Fluids Specimens:
Send to Victoria Hospital Flow Cytometry Laboratory immediately after collection as STAT specimen. Notify the Laboratory before sending sample by calling (519) 685-8500 x 57450.
Provide the ordering physician's name and fax/phone number.
Method of Analysis: Specimens are incubated with fluorescent-tagged monoclonal antibodies and analyzed using laser based Flow Cytometry
Critical Information Required: Any relevant patient history must accompany the specimen.
Storage & Shipment: Specimens are to be shipped/transported to the Flow Cytometry Laboratory at Victoria Hospital within 30 minutes of collection maintain at 2-8o C without freezing.

Specimens must be received and processed within 24 hours of collection by the Flow Cytometry Laboratory.

Once received by the Flow Cytometry Laboratory, specimens are to be stored at 4oC.
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