Laboratory Test Information Guide

Details for Urate,Plasma

Test Name: Urate,Plasma
Alternate Name(s): Uric Acid
Laboratory: Core
Specimen Type: 4.5 mL Green top Vacutainer tube

0-2 years: 0.5 mL Green top Microtainer
2-10 years: 3 mL Green top tube
Collection Information: Collect blood aseptically in a Vacutainer tube.
Test Schedule: As required
Turnaround time from when specimen
is received in testing laboratory:
4 hours
1 hour
Reference Range: 
<32 µmol/L
0-1 month:
<311 µmol/L
1 month-1 year:
<372 µmol/L
1 year-17 years:
<362 µmol/L

Males >18 years:
<420 µmol/L

Females >18 years:
<340 µmol/L
Effective Date: 2008-11-15
Revised Date: 2020-06-05
Critical Value:  
Interpretive Comments: Levels are elevated in gout, with increased metabolism of nucleoproteins, such as in leukemia (especially after chemotherapy) and polycythemia, or after the intake of foods rich in nucleoproteins, such as liver. Plasma levels are increased with decreased renal function. The limit of solubility of uric acid in blood is 400 µmol/L. The risk of gout increases above this level.
Special Processing: Blood samples from patients on Rasburicase treatment should be immediately sent to the lab on ice. Draw the samples into pre-chilled green top tubes (can be micro-collection tube as well). Once the sample is collected, put the tube on ice and send it to the lab STAT. Ice is not required if the patient has not received Rasburicase treatment within the past 72 hours or 3 days.
Method of Analysis: Enzymatic Colorimetric
Critical Information Required:  
Storage & Shipment:  
System Codes: 
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